Hi there!  Welcome to Yumbiance! My husband and I have four boisterous, bouncing, stick-carrying, flower-picking-for-Mommy boys between the ages of 2 and almost 8. We’re just your regular family who feeds their children pb&j way more than we should… but no one cries at that meal. They have gotten into giving me a “thumbs-sideways” for things they think are so-so, which is entertaining, but can you really trust their taste on anything? I love to cook and bake, yet it’s so easy to get in a cooking rut.  I was feeling like we were having the same rotation of meals and realized that I’m probably not alone in that problem.  So I’m sharing old family recipes with you, which are likely new to at least someone out there….along with trying new recipes on my family (with reviews for you!) so we can all try something new once in awhile.


Aren’t they sweet?  They do get along much of the time. :)

We homeschool our boys, so I may share a few school tips or have a “guest cook” once in awhile. Yes, I homeschool our kids, but I’m not really the “homeschooling mom” you’re probably thinking of.  I’ve taken a very laid back style to schooling our kids, with a “what works for our family” approach.  I’m not an ultra-organized, plan-out-my-school-year kind of person (who are we kidding, I didn’t even know what we were having tonight for dinner until 5pm.  Tacos, by the way.  They save me every time!). Both our school age boys are doing above their grade level work at this point, so I’ll likely continue my approach this year as well since it’s working so far. You can guess that cooking lessons are likely in their future!


Poor littlest guy trying to keep up with his big brothers. :)


My wonderful husband, Tracey, and I used to own a marketing business, so we’re used to working and being together all day, every day.  We’re very lucky we’re so compatible.  We balance and complement each other, which makes for a great team.  Not only for work, but for life too. We apparently don’t take enough together photos though – hence the individual photos of us.  Ha.

Tracey is my go-to Tech Guy and Head Critic of Food. He’s also writing a sales book, “Sales Secrets You Don’t Know“, which will be published by the end of this year.

Feel free to contact me here if you have questions or comments!  I’d love to hear from you!