Coconut Shrimp


Easy homemade coconut shrimp! We rarely go out to eat any more, yet there are a few things things that I crave once in awhile.  Coconut shrimp tops the list.  Yum!  Now, I’ve always been a huge seafood fan, but I honestly just don’t love coconut.  However, there are a few coconut dishes I’ve tried that are the exception and coconut shrimp is one of them.  My husband and I made some of these one night after the kids went to bed.  There’s no need to share everything yummy with your kids!  Haha. The recipe I found called for raw […]

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Mexican Rollups


Simple appetizers to feed a crowd – and easy to mix and match ingredients! If you’re ever in need of a fast, easy appetizer that can be made ahead of time (or last minute in a pinch!)… these Mexican Rollups are so easy. It’s one of those appetizers that I’ve made before, but often forget about. Keeping a large package of flour tortillas in my fridge has saved me many times when I’m in need for something fast.  Tacos, quesadillas, pb&j rollups when I’m out of bread.  You get the picture of what it’s like around here.  Ha. I especially […]

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