Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies!!


These cookies are chewy on the inside, have a slight crunch on the outside and are soooo good!! Chocolate Chip Cookies.   When I started thinking about writing a blog, I had decided that I was absolutely NOT going to write about chocolate chip cookies. There are just too many variations out there and all of them say, “The Best EVER!” or “World’s Best!” or “The Ultimate!” or “All Time Favorite!” How can so many different variations be so different and yet all so perfect?  Plus, everyone has a specific type of chocolate chip cookie they like – crunchy, soft, chewy, […]

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Peanut Butter Chip Chocolate Cookies


Peanut butter and chocolate! So much love in one little cookie! These peanut butter chip chocolate cookies are one of my all time favorite cookies. If you love chocolate and peanut butter and have never made these… now is when you should try them! I’ve even made them before without the peanut butter chips when I had a craving for chocolate cookies. Still good, but the peanut butter chips really give them that extra yum. So when I went to make these chocolate cookies, I realized I was almost out of white sugar.  Annoying.  Especially for someone who likes to […]

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Nana’s Oat-Doodle Cookies


A classic snickerdoodle cookie with oatmeal! Well, YUM, is what I have to say about these cookies. They are the perfect combination of a classic snickerdoodle cookie and an oatmeal cookie….Oat-Doodle Cookies!  Years ago my mom mentioned that she added oatmeal to her snickerdoodle cookies.  I was up to my eyeballs with babies and thought, “That’s nice, Mom.”  I didn’t really care at the moment.  Until I TASTED them.  Now we can all be thankful that my mom added that oatmeal to her snickerdoodles, because they are just so good. Now, if you don’t usually have cream of tartar in […]

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